Jack’s Top Three Film Review

Everyone say hello to Jack. Jack has joined TEN for a week’s work experience to get a taste of what the industry has to offer. Jack interest lay in sound editing and is keen to see how some of the other moving parts in video content come together. Our question to jack, which we like to ask a lot of people, is what are your three top films of all time and why?

My Top Three Films

2017 has already given us some great and popular films including Spider-Man Homecoming, Wonder Woman and Dunkirk. This year also looks to have more great films hitting the big screens. With all these new films coming out I’ve been thinking about what my favourite of all time might be. I’ve managed to come up with three that I think are my top three films of all time.

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is a crime, drama film directed by Quentin Tarantino and stars John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, with Bruce Willis.

Pulp Fiction is probably my favourite “of all time” if that is actually a thing. I really like how this film seems to be out of order and confusing at parts until it all comes together in the end, where everything makes sense, quintessentially a Tarantino masterpiece. The film shows the normal side to a gangster’s life mixed in with the not so normal side, which makes them seem like real people rather than just actors. There is a lot of comedic elements, which with the darker and more serious scenes, makes the film very balanced with something for everyone. This all adds together to make this a classic and my personal favourite film. My favourite scene from Pulp Fiction has got to be when the two main characters (Jules and Vincent) are driving along and suddenly Vincent accidentally shoots the guy in the back seat, accidents happen. I think this is a perfect depiction of how they both aren’t fazed by this at all but care more about the car being tarnished than anything else. Some great comedic lines and scenes stem from this scene and at the same time shows the viewer that this is normal to them and ultimately helps the viewer understand them.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan is an action film that stars Christian Bale, Heath Ledger and, Aaron Eckhart.

Batman is definitely my preferred superhero, it always has been as long as I can remember, and the film, The Dark Knight, is my favourite superhero film. I love the more realistic take on Batman that Christopher Nolan produced, previous Batman titles have been more over the top and Batman always seemed to be untouchable, which is too far from reality. The Dark Knight’s Batman is still very strong but more realistic, which makes this the most grounded and relatable Batman. Their film is packed with action, which you would expect from a Batman film, but the action never fills boring or repetitive. The interaction between Batman and The Joker, in the interrogation room scene, is my overall favourite in this film. The scene shows how similar these two people are and that they are both prepared to do anything to get what they want.

Batman himself is the biggest reason I love this film but with the accompaniment of some great performances and directing this makes for a great film and one I think will one day be considered a classic.

The Green Mile

The Green Mile is a crime, drama film with elements of fantasy. Directed by Frank Darabont and stars Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan, and David Morse.

The Green Mile is based on a novel by Stephen King that is about prisoners on death row and focuses on the prison guards that interact with them on a day to day basis. This is one of my favourites because of the way it slowly reveals the plot and the stories of each guard and prisoner. The way it makes us feel sorry, some sadness and hatred for the prisoners are especially memorable. It’s hard for me to describe the reasons I like this film, it’s just a great film that I think everyone should watch at least once. One aspect of this film I love, which I can describe, is the combination of the realistic depiction of the prison and of death row, with the fantasy element that is present in the film. My favourite scene is when one of the guards (Percy Jackson), who we are made to hate throughout the film, is locked up and punished by the other guards. Not sure why I like this scene as it’s brutal, although, there is a huge sense of ‘you had it coming’, justice.

These personal favourites of mine all seem to be related to the character interactions, from Pulp Fiction with it being all about characters and how they interact directly each other and the people around them to The Dark Knight were the two main characters, Batman and The Joker are so similar but stand for totally different things, good and bad, that their clashing personalities create the tension and drama. Character development and interaction is something that I don’t usually notice, you shouldn’t really notice them, but when it’s finished and you look back or even watch the film for the second time they definitely become apparent and a vital part of conveying the story. This subtle writing of the character from different perspectives is what I believe makes these films great. Films that require two or three views, in order to learn about the character, allows you to notice their individual personalities, which bring the characters to life.