Got a proper job at 28. Gave it up to try comedy at 38. Decided to get fit and healthy at 48. It's never too later. But do it now. Have a great day.

Ricky Gervais

Okay, so why do we like this quote? What significance does it have on us individually and as TEN?

For us, it sums up several points about Ricky Gervais. Firstly, of course, we are huge fans of the Office, arguably the best British Sitcom of its generation. More poignantly, Ricky has honestly worked hard to get to where he has got to. A real ‘Never Say Die’ attitude which is something that we all should take note of in any walks of life.

I remember watching him on The Graham Norton Show and he told the audience about the time when he was scraping by, living in one of the tiniest Flat’s in London with his girlfriend. The flat had a bed that had literally one side next to the kitchen sink and on the other side the toilet. Something that I connected with because if you are / have lived in London being in a similar situation it is really really tough. But, he came through that.

His quote and his overall background resonate a lot with us here because it shows he is just like any of us. Many of us have put time on a pedestal and I certainly have been very much guilty of that in the past best online project management. They say, ‘we must achieve this by then’, ‘when I’m ‘x’ age I’m going to have this and that.’ The thing is, no one can predict the future, there is no set pre-determined time as to when to start or change a career or to do something out of the ordinary. Remember, Ricky started doing comedy when he was 38.

We aren’t for preaching but if you think about it, it is simple. If you want to live the life you want, go and live it now.

Now at the point of writing this blog, we are all just about to hit our 30’s. To some people, it’s considered a big age. For some of us here in the past, it was a big deal ‘the big 30’. Social pressures say that we needed to be either earning a decent wage, at least travelled the world or starting to settle down at this point. Who came up with this concept? The ‘Age of 30’ Police!?

Our summary on this all is clear. It really doesn’t matter what age you are. Everyday we are reminded of Ricky’s quote and based on that at this precise moment as you read this, you are where you are. You are on the right track. Believe in that things happen for a reason and believe in what you do, just make sure that whatever you want to do, make it happen.

Created by TEN. wouldn’t have been established now if it wasn’t thanks to some words of wisdom from the creator of David Brent.

So there, that’s me done. I’m off to plan my big 30th!

– Andy

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