We Are Created By TEN.

Creating memorable experiences through engaging content and design.

About TEN. & their background

We’re open about who we are because ultimately we’ll be working directly with you. Unlike design agencies the guys talking to you about your project will be the guys working on your project.

Although we’ve known each other for well over a decade, TEN began in late 2015 after we had individually worked or freelanced for different production companies over the years, and by chance happened to be back in Leicester at the same time. We’d all travelled across the UK and abroad for work, but had always had our heart in Leicester and wanted to settle back here.

The business itself came about after a long conversation about our career experiences and how we felt it was time to do something new and also how we could bring something fresh to Leicester. The city itself has changed much, particularly over the last 10 years and we feel that it has the potential to compete with the ‘big’ cities for talent and creative offerings, and that plays a big part in what we aim to achieve.

With the limited few seconds you have to make a first impression, a video can quickly get a lot of information across to an audience before they click away.

Good video is about effective storytelling through a mix of visuals and sound which allows you to have control over the tone, the tempo, and even how emotionally invested your audience will be with the story you’re trying to tell. For us, it’s about creating an experience where video is as seamless and consistent with your brand and messages as possible.

Great brands tend to tell great stories, and video is one of the quickest and most effective ways to deliver your messages, whether that’s online or on TV.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come in such little time. In terms of what we aim to achieve, then we’re still way off the mark, so watch this space!

We certainly don’t provide an ‘off the shelf’ service by any means. Each client has different needs, and we listen closely to what their aims and objectives are. Our philosophy is to ‘diagnose before we prescribe’, and only by understanding these aims, objectives or even what the business’s pain-points are, can we offer a solution that is right for our clients.

As a digital production agency, we need to make sure we deliver what the client needs. The advantage of having team members who’ve worked all over is that we’ve had experience in a wide range of TV and film projects, and we’ve gotten to know lots of very talented freelancers and professionals along the way. This means that we make sure we get the right people on the right projects. Each client has the benefit of being able to have their video, content or website match their brand and style seamlessly. We tend to save personal styles more for our own brand.

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