Video is Strong.

Video content is more than just dressing up in front of a camera, the right video can transform your brand and convey a message, better than any other medium.

A common perception is that video is a marketing ‘afterthought’ and that it holds no guarantees of a real return on investment.

At TEN we spend many hours researching, designing and producing dynamic content. Our aim is to make sure your audience is completely engaged with your brand’s key messages through an expertly balanced use of narrative, emotion and style.

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Factors We Consider


End-to-end Approach

From concept to delivery, ensuring your message is consistent with your organisation’s values and brand.

  • Engagement
  • Good Light
  • Shareable
  • Image Quality
  • Narrative
  • We Tell The Story

Ready For…

The Perfect Team.

From the Producer to Phoebe our Director of First Impressions, our entire team is perfectly balanced ensuring your brand’s image is in safe hands.

Working with a wide range of organisations and brands has reinforced our very simple philosophy: to ‘diagnose before we prescribe’. By understanding what truly is important to our clients we can develop a carefully considered platform of content based around their needs. Any marketing or business development idea needs a strategy and a plan. After careful research and analysis, we can then provide the best tactical approach to any problem or project.

Creativity is within the very fabric of what we do. Once we understand what your business is all about, then there really are no bounds to where we can go.

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A Close Up.

Web Video to Sales Conversion Rate

Let’s be honest, people parrot statistics around as if they are at a cocktail party. We all know video is the leading way to engage your brand. Our aim is to keep your videos consistent and clear with your brand and values.

Statistics that are made up
You. engaged with good video content